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Solutions for DC DC Conversion

CALEX Manufacturing Company, Inc. offers hundreds of single, dual, triple and quad output DC DC converters as standard catalog products for fast delivery.  Our principle markets are in the telecommunications, process control and medical industries although our converters are used in virtually every industry requiring low-to-medium DC-to-DC voltage conversion in the 1 to 3 kWatt range.  Calex standard DC DC conversion modules are also an integral part of the Calex CBAM™ solution for military and avionics applications.

We also offer fast turnaround on modified standards and custom designed products.  From your initial idea for a converter, we will work as a member of your team to develop a detailed product specification that satisfies your requirements.  Specifications include efficiency, noise, electrical input/output, temperature, size and compliance to UL, CSA and other agency certifications.

From start to finish, the entire custom production process is typically less than eight weeks.  The benefits of working with CALEX include:

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