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Mounting Hardware & Kits

Mounting Hardware Model Number Power Req'd No. of Channels Description PDF Link
22-100MK AC 1 Single channel interface system with power supply 22-100MK
8610DC-24 10-36 VDC 8 Eight channel backplane including power supply or DC/DC converter, on board filtering and terminal conections 8610DC-24
8610DC-48 24-72 VDC 8 8610DC-48
8610AC-115 115 VAC 8 8610AC-115
8610AC-230 230 VAC 8 8610AC-230
2005 N/A 1 Single Channel interface card 2005
8100 N/A up to 25 16" mounting rail with 1/2" centers 8100
DIN400 N/A 1 Mounting adapter for 35 x 7,5 1.38" x .295" DIN Rail DIN400
8250 N/A up to 25 Rack mount frame 8250

Mounting Kit Model Number Mounting kit for Description PDF Link
MK276 Model 176 When the Model 176 is mounted on a Model MK276 Mounting Kit, all necessary gain setting and offset adjustments are provided. Four testpoints are provided on the PC board which give access to both terminals and the amplifier output. They are located at the end of the board so that voltmeter or scope probes may be inserted even if a number of cards are stacked in a row. Model 176 Mounting Kits
MK278 Model 178 The MK278 mounting kit has both fine and coarse gain adjustment pot. The mounting kit has terminals on the PC board for connecting a fixed resistor.
MK940 Model 940/945 The 940/MK940, when ordered as a combination, is shipped from the factory configured as a 0 to +10 Volt input, 4 to 20mA output, isolated transmitter. The 945/MK940, when ordered as a combination, is shipped from the factory configured as a 0 to 50 mV input, 4 to 20 mA output, isolated transmitter. Model 940/945 Mounting Kits
MK940-24 MK940 for 24 VDC operation
A 15 pin mating connector (Model 015) with edge guides is supplied with each kit.
MK166/167 Model 166 and 167 The mounting kit includes the necessary potentiometers to adjust the amplifier input offset, the amplifier gain, and the bridge supply voltage. Several test points are provided to assist in calibration or trouble shooting. Model 166/167 Mounting Kit
All mounting kits consist of a PC board, PC connector with built-in guides, and necessary pots.

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