Calex DC DC Converters, CBAM™ Calex Brick Assembly Modules, AC DC Power Supplies and Signal Conditioners

Legacy Products

Calex Mfg has been providing Power Conversion (AC/DC, DC/DC) and Signal Conditioning products for over 50 years. Calex aim is to continue to offer a product/s for as long as it is economically and/or practically possible.

Products not recommended for new designs ("NRFND"):

In order to minimize customer impact from discontinued products we identify those products which are not recommended for use in new designs. This does not mean that these products are about to become obsolete. In many cases these products have a large customer base and will remain in production . Please contact us if you require more specific information about any of the products listed . Please Click Link below for listing.

Discontinued Products:

From time to time, however, we have to discontinue products due to lack of demand and/or component obsolescence or any other business oriented reasons. In these cases it is our policy to give a notice period wherever applicable-on case by case basis; and to offer alternative products wherever possible. We are committed to providing you with technical support and we offer a repair/warranty service even after product discontinuation per our general terms and conditions policy. To find out more about the following discontinued Calex products please click on the links below:

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