Weatherproof 300W Li-ion Battery Charger for E-mobility and Battery Applications

Meets IP67 standards for protection against dust and water intrusion

date: 09/9/20

Calex Manufacturing Company, Inc. today announces the addition of the 300 Watt CEV Series charger for li-ion batteries. The ruggedized packaging and thermal design make the AC-DC charger one of the most resilient on the market. The series can be used as either an external charging source or installed on board a li-ion battery operated application. The CEV Series was designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is an ideal product for use in harsh shock and vibration environments. The charger also can be easily integrated with a battery pack.

The CEV series design includes a universal AC input with an active PFC, which enables the charger to reach a peak efficiency of 95%. The series offers chargers for both 24V and 48V li-ion battery systems, making them ideal for applications such as e-mobility, electric scooters, and electric utility carts.

The charger is housed in an air-cooled ruggedized Ingress Protection 67 (IP67) rated enclosure. The overall enclosure is fabricated from an extruded aluminum case that the power module is inserted into and sealed using a thermally conductive material. “The IP67 rating ensures that the charger can remain installed during operation of the application without concerns of rain, water-splash, mud, or dust infiltration”, said Michael McNally, Director of Product Marketing at Calex Manufacturing.

The AC-DC chargers operate in a regulated Constant Current (CC) mode until the battery has reached the pre-set voltage. Once the pre-set battery voltage is achieved (57.5V or 28.5V, depending on the model), the chargers switch to Constant Voltage (CV) mode of operation.

The CEV series chargers measure 6.29 x 3.90 x 2.24 inches, with a weight of 3.46 lbs. The chargers are RoHS compliant and IEC 60950-1 certified. The chargers are designed with an EMI filter that meets Class B CISPR and FCC standards.

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Calex Manufacturing Company Introduces 300W Li-ion Battery Charger for E-mobility and Battery Applications

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